All About Honey

Honey is a sweet, natural compound produced by bees from the nectar or secretions of plants.


The bees suck flower nectar, mix it with saliva and enzymes, and shop it in a honey sack. They leave it in the hive to ripen and be utilized as food.


Since the composition of honey depends on the species of the bees along with the flowers and plants they use, it can differ substantially in flavor and color, from clear and colorless to dark amber.

Here are Some Facts About Honey

Does Honey Ever Spoil? 


Honey has high sugar and low moisture content. It's acidic and consists of the anti-bacterial compound hydrogen peroxide. These 3 features are what permit effectively stored honey to keep for so long.


Why Should You Take The Issue of Death of Honey Bees Seriously?


In the U.S. alone, the value of the pollination process of bees is estimated to be around 20 billion dollars annually


Honey vs Sugar


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Honey for Allergies


The concept behind honey treating allergic reactions is comparable to that of an individual getting allergy shots. While allergy shots have been proven to be efficient, honey hasn't.



Is Honey Helpful for You, or Bad?


Do you use sugar while drinking tea or use honey instead of sugar?


Is Honey Vegan?


Vegans prevent eating honey to take a stand versus bee exploitation and farming practices that are believed to hurt bee health.


What Is Clover Honey? 


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Honey for a Sore Throat


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Honey and Cinnamon:


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Honey to Your Face


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